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Guest Blog: Architect Ralph Cooley on Successful Kitchen Design

Historically the kitchen used to be thought of as one of the most undesirable rooms in the house - hidden away, a private room that visitors would rarely, if ever, see. Then came the serving hatch, allowing the guest a tantalising glimpse of the steamy action beyond as they sat at the dining table. That’s all changed with the popularity of open-plan living and the kitchen has become a central feature of our homes and an expression of our tastes and aspirations.

Therefore, when creating a new house or apartment, the kitchen becomes a very important aspect of the design.

Like architecture itself, a successful design should seamlessly blend function with appearance. The kitchen should be planned in an elegant way, to allow the cook, or the passing grazer, to flow around it with the minimum of fuss. But when sitting down to eat, it should become a piece of furniture in itself - well lit and pleasing to the eye. Lighting is particularly important and should give a clean, balanced working light, and a more subtle feature light.

The range of kitchen appliances on the market is staggering and subtle differences in specifications can make choosing the correct one a difficult task. Likewise with clever storage options that can make the most of difficult corners and deep units. Small extras such as a plate-warming drawer under the oven and a waste disposal unit in the sink can make a big difference to usability. That’s where a specialist designer, such as Lime Black, can help - by guiding you through the range of clever features and appliances to ensure you get the most out of your space.

Cooley architects are based in Clerkenwell, central London. They work on a broad range of projects - from bespoke contemporary houses to large mixed-use developments. Call 020 3 176 4481 for more information.


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